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Work Experience

Here are all of the companies that I have worked at, job position and the games I worked on while being there. Ranking from latest to earliest.


Job Position: AI Programmer I

Engine: StarEngine

Games Worked on: Star Citizen (Early access), Squadron 42 (not released)

Summary: Cloud Imperium has taught me a lot of general C++ and about AI in games. I have been working in their AI system called Subsumption and I am currently working on Creature AI where I get to make new behaviour and new features so that they can be added to Star Citizen.


Cloud Imperium Games is a company owned by Chris Roberts, maker of the Wing Commander series. His vision for Star Citizen is to have a massive open world where you are able to do anything as if it was real life. The game has been in develoment for 12 years but the tech that has been build to make it a reality is amazing. Recently a video has been release to showcase the engine and the video contains the longest spline in histroy, spaning over 1,241,598,642 km. This showcase was made in real time, with no loading screens and smooth transitions between Ground and Space exploration.


I have been working on a few different areas that involve AI, spaning from behaviour to gameplay features and making a debug tool for Audio team. Recently I have gotten to work on Creature AI which are the announced Space Cow and Whale which are a joy to work on.

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