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About Me

Hello! My name is Semi Asani and I am a Game Programmer with a passion for AI. On my spare time I write poems and make gaming YouTube videos, watch at your own risk. Other things I like to do is connect with others and meet up with my friends but most importantly hangout with my dog, Marabou.

I love to talk to others so if there is any questions or you want to just talk then send me a message or mail! I will reply whenever I can!

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Special Thanks

During my journey of joining the The Game Assembly and learning programming I have met a lot of people that has really helped me a lot and I would like to highlight the ones that has really been there for me during the difficult times and the good times of learning and when the world stood still for a while.

Neo Nemeth, Erik Ljungman, Kevin Fredin, Markus Hermelin last but not least, the man, the myth, the legend, my mentor Christoffer Wardh.

Thank you for all the help during the way!

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